Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)

(Determinable parameters Conductivity, Salinity, Resistivity and hardness)

The TDS CONDUCTIVITY Analyzer is commonly used in hydroponics, aquaculture systems to monitor the amount of salts, nutrients or impurities in the water. The nominal values of water-conductivity are generally used to measure the concentration of ionized chemicals in water, though it does not distinguish individual concentrations of different ionic chemicals mixed in water. Water-conductivity measurements are of paramount importance in water-quality monitor of aquaculture since high or low conductivity levels, relative to their nominal values, can be used to detect the environmental changes of aquaculture fishpond.

Conductivity sensors are suitable for the measurement of electrolytic conductivity in aqueous solutions. In contrast to customary two-electrode sensors they offer technical application advantages in the range between medium and high conductance values.

The sensor can be used for conductance acquisition in water and drinking water treatment, air conditioning technology (cooling circuits), wastewater treatment (water treatment plants), and in ion exchanger plants.

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Item Parameter
Interface RS-485, Modbus protocol
Range 1uS/cm~100mS/cm
Response time <10 sec
Housing IP Rating IP68
Accuracy 1%
Electrode material Nickel
Body material PEEK
Working Temperature Range 0 ~ 50°C
Interface SupportRS-485,MODBUSprotocols
Power Requirements DC5~12V,current<50mA
User Calibration Multi point Calibration