Surface Water online Monitoring System



The PTESPL Floating Online River Effluent Monitoring System (FOREMS) is a platform specifically developed for pollution measurement in open water bodies. The floating platform is designed with lower centre of gravity making it more stable is various scenarios. The design aim was to make it suitable for on-line water quality monitoring of all Surface water bodies.

Floating Online River Effluent Monitoring System (FOREMS) can be defined as all inclusive uniquely stable design, self powered by off grid solar system equipped with precise and high quality precise measuring sensors along with built in cleaning system and the ability to sample without any external requirement. The equipment has ability to communicate realtime at frequency in milli seconds and transfer data directly to end server without intermediate logic acquiring the Direct Data Transfer. Also the two way communication feature of ECOLYSER gives a leading edge for the matter of remote diagnostics and data validation.

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MaterialPE shell, EVA filling, 316L stainless steel
Measurable parametersOptical DO, conductivity, Turbidity, Oil in water, chlorophyll, BGA, pH and ORP, COD sensor, NH4-N sensor etc.
chlorophyll, BGA, pH and ORP, COD sensor, NH4-N sensor
Field of applicationPolluted water streams, fresh water streams, Aqua culture, Treatment plant tanks
Size73cm x φ92cm(including outer ring)
DATA com.Options include GPRS, 3G, 4G and NB-IOT
SoftwarePlatform supports ECOLYSER pollution monitoring OS

The mounting is done by tying the anchor rope through the anchor rope clasps on bothsides of the protective net cover. Generally, the length of the anchor rope is 1.5-2 Times of the maximum water level (according to the actual distance between left and right obstacles). For more details kindly refer the detailed leaflet of product before using.