OCEMS application at STP for one of the fastest growing data centre in Bangalore.

Water is the essential resource of our life, it is important to save it properly. Considering all the available solutions, the utmost important thing is to save the water from getting polluted. The progress in the environment and pollution engineering has contributed to minimizing the pollution generated from every sector.

STTelemedia Global Data Centres is globally fastest-growing data center. While Trigma Systems is one of the solution providers in the field of power generation, transmission, and distribution systems with an in-house manufacturing facility for the connected products. On the other hand, knowing the needs and reaching the end-user to provide valuable services is PTESPL’s prime objective. Likely, Trigma systems introduced STT Global Data Centres to PTESPL for pollution monitoring solutions.

Trigma systems served as a medium to connect PTESPL and STT Global Data Centre, Bangalore. STT Global required monitoring solutions for STP, considering this fact PTESPL offered a solution to provide OCEMS - OPM 300 consisting of parameters such as pH, COD, BOD, and TSS to measure the effluent along with electromagnetic flowmeter.

Initiating from the presentation for product knowledge to the successful installation of the preferred system was all the journey. The small aspects mattered the most between all the processes. Site visits to know the proper site requirements were carried out by the engineers of PTESPL. Delivering requirements, and preparing a well-structured plan with the help of seniors was done by the back office team of PTESPL.

Figure 1. Pole mounted OCEMS installed for the STP of STT Global Data Centre

The delivery of the system was done after PTESPL received the techno-commercial purchase order from the client via Trigma systems. The system for STP was installed for one unit of STTelemedia Global Data Centres in Bangalore.

The required reports were provided to the client by PTESPL, considering the pandemic situation. Safety measures were considered at the time of process implementation. Installation of the system was carried out by the engineers of PTESPL by coordinating with Trigma and STT Global team.

The system calibration process was completed after receiving the lab reports from the client. After the successful installation by PTESPL, Trigma systems provided the cabinet to the PTESPL’s pole-mounted system.

Figure 2. Cabinet provided by Trigma systems to give fine look to the system

Every project adds new experiences. The journey of working with Trigma systems and STT Global Data Centre was all about learning new things, coordination and teamwork. The small challenges are not challenges while working with an efficient team.