The OPM Dissolved Oxygen Probe uses optical technology (EPA- approved RDO technology for Clean Water Act programs) to meaasure dissolved oxygen and temperature, applicable for various monitoring purposes. The DO sensor helps in monitoring Oxygen concentration in influent, effluent and treatment processes, responding quickly to oxygen and temperature changes for more accurate results.


Easy Setup And Monitoring - Flexible communication protocols connect to Your existing OPRUSS OPM controllers.
Accurate, Reliable Data - Maximum Accuracy (up to ±0.1 mg/L) Resists abrasion and photobleaching, with automated calibration that prevents long-term drift.
Easy Maintenance – Smart sensor cap stores vital information and alerts you when it’s time to replace.
24/7 Data Access – View and filter data easily using the OPM Controller module and ECOLYSER OS

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Principle EPA Approved UV Fluorescence method
Measuring range 0~20mg/L
Response time 10 sec
Accurate ± 5%
Assembly Submersible
Operation Temperature 0-50℃
Interface Output Interface RS485 Two way Communication Enable
Protection level IP68
Maximum working depth 20 m
Power supply AC 230V, for controller
Size 26 Diameter 177.5 Length (in mm)
Probe cable length 5 m, extendable
Interference resistance Temperature compensation available
Maximum working pressure 6bar
Product material SS316 POM
Sensor Diagnostics Onboard library for diagnostic commands available