Caption:- FOREMS for analysis of the effect of climate change on Nainital lake, Uttarakhand.

IIT Roorkee, Nainital

Ministry of Jal Shakti, CEDAR (Centre for Ecology Development and Research), Forest Research Institute, Dehradun and IIT Roorkee contracted with PTESPL for the critical task of deploying a surface water monitoring system.

OCEMS application at CETP, Bawana

DSIIDC through Bawana ties hands with PTESPL for continuously tracking discharge quality. Understanding the application, OPRUSS OPM 300 was implemented for effluent monitoring. OCEMS installation has helped Bawana CETP to monitor the effluent on a real-time basis, get real-time alerts, and access the historical logs and data. Treated effluent within permissible range is discharged and reused for various purposes.

OCEMS application at STP for one of the fastest growing data centres in Bangalore.

The fastest growing data centre in Bangalore, have opted OCEMS to comply with the pollution control board. Considering the requirement, OCEMS - OPM 300 with pH and flowmeter for STP was suggested and provided to monitor the effluent. Thus, effluent monitoring has become easy with the IoT based analysers.

OCEMS at STP in Commercial Application

The leading developer and manufacturer of microprocessors have opted OCEMS for STP to monitor the treated wastewater. OPRUSS OPM 300 helps to measure the effluent to be within a limit and then discharge it or reuse it. These human hassle-free systems provide real-time pollution monitoring data irrespective of any location. Implementing these progressive solutions for pollution monitoring can save the environment from getting polluted.

IIT Delhi

Indian Institute of Technology Delhi conducted a demonstration for their research project by implementing OPRUSS OPM series analysers for effluent quality monitoring before and after phytoremediation method of treatment. The values from the laboratory reports and the real-time readings of OCEMS matched reasonably, and it was validated by the IIT Delhi team. The real-time effluent monitoring system of PTESPL proved its accuracy through the conducted demonstration.

Serum Institute Of India

Serum Institute of India is the world’s largest vaccine manufacturer by number of doses produced and sold globally which includes COVID-19, Polio vaccine as well as Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis, BCG, r-Hepatitis, B Measles, Mumps and Rubella vaccine. We being Pollution Monitoring Compliance has provided equipment for water monitoring system using parameters COD, BOD, TSS, pH, Flow etc. and air monitoring system helps to determine concentration of PM, CO, NO, NO2, SO2 and O3, TVOC, Hazardous and Lel gaseous as well as metrological parameter. The water is reused by the industry for their internal purposes and thus our system helps them to do so.

Caption:- IAS Shri Ashish Tiwari Honouring Member Secretary of Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board (UPPCB)


UPPCB has installed Floating Online River Effluent Monitoring System (FOREMS) to monitor the pollution of Gomti River and looks after the parameter like COD, BOD, TSS, pH, etc. It is the important source of water supply to cities of Lucknow, Jaunpur and several towns and villages before it joins Ganga near Varanasi. The major source of pollution are industrial waste and effluent from sugar factories and distilleries and residential wastewater and sewage. This system helps to monitor or keep track over the industries which discharges the highest amount of effluents present in the water.

Caption:- Chief Engineer Sir Lalit Arora & Sir Rajesh Bansal Excecutive Of Guru Gram Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA)


The Najafgarh drain, is the name of northernmost end of River Sahibi, which flows through Delhi, and then enters into the flow of Yamuna. Najafgarh drain is Delhi’s most polluted water body due to direct inflow of untreated sewage from populated area. Najafgarh drain, is the major source of potable water for the people of Gurugram. Hence, Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA) has installed Floating Online River Effluent Monitoring System (FOREMS) a PTESPL product. FOREMS helps to monitor the pollution levels of the surface water by measuring parameters like COD, BOD, TSS, pH, DO, Flow etc. and also helps end user to monitor from a remote area and keeps track on water pollution levels.