The OGM20 analyzer makes it easy tomonitor Realtime Oil concentration in water with the use of revolutionary optical detection. The analyzers specially treated aperture tip enables it to work continuously and reliably without any human intervention generally required for cleaning and regular calibration . The sensor can be connected to Smart controller for application of collected data for all possibilities. The analyzer performs self-diagnostics and carefully eliminates background interferences. The sensor comes in two variants specially for Crude and Refined oil traces in water.

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Item Parameter
Interface RS-485, Modbus protocol
Range 0.3-20ppm or 0.3-50ppm QSU
Resolution 0.01ppm
Temperature Range 0 ~ 50°c
IP Rating IP68
Accuracy 0.3ppm Or 3% FS QSU
Min. Detection Limit 0.09ppm
Linearity R2 > 0.90
Power DC 5V-12V 5%
Body Materials 316L and POM
Diameter Φ22x170.5mm
Probe Cable Length 5M Extendable
Protection Level IP68