OPRUSS technology introduces its most advanced glass electrode pH sensor with a digital output.

It works on the principle of the potential difference generated between a reference electrode inside the glass and a reference that is in contact with the solution outside of the glass pH measures the mili-volt difference in the system. Ion-swapping takes place on the inside surface of the glass electrode. The two solutions on either side of the glass have different acidic concentration, so a different amount of ion-swapping takes place on the two sides of the glass. This creates a difference in degree of hydrogen-ion activity on the two surfaces of the glass,thus a difference in amount of electrical charge builds up on them. This charge difference produces a difference in voltage that shows up as a measurement on the meter. OPRUSS contributes to this beautiful technology by selecting and manufacturing exact materials that comprise a perfect pH measuring sensor. Automatic diagnosis function for faults in electrode properties and smartly understands if there is a defect in the sensor and displays the error on the display unit. Temperature compensation element helps in acquiring precision readings.

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Principle Glass electrode type
Measuring range 1-14
Response time 10 sec
Accuracy ±1%
Assembly Submersible
Operation Temperature 0-50 Deg/cel
Interface Output RS-485 Two way Communication Enable
Protection level IP68
Maximum working depth 10 m
Power supply AC 230V, for controller
Size 26 Diameter 177.5 Length (in mm)
Probe cable length 5 m, extendable
Interference resistance Temperature compensation available
Maximum working pressure 6bar
Product material SS316 POM
Temperature Range 2-55℃
Temperature Accuracy ±5% (full scale)
Temperature Resolution ±0.05℃