About Us

PT is a dedicated team of experts providing comprehensive assistance in environmental services. Our services adhere to strict compliance and safety protocols, following guidelines from organizations such as USEPA, ECBC, IGBC, MoEF, SPCB, CPCB & QBEA. We analyze your project’s entire lifecycle, offering a single, responsible service provider.


Our mission is to simplify Pollution Monitoring Compliance, making it easier, faster, and simpler. We achieve this by delivering efficient, experienced, and optimal solutions through our expert team.


Our vision includes:

  • Providing and implementing technologically progressive alternatives for evolving challenges.
  • Developing relationships with users to understand their detailed requirements.
  • Designing tailored solutions to match exact needs.
  • Defining the difference between value and price.


Progressive PT


Team Building


Expansion of Team Member with introducing vision in Pollution Monitoring Segment
2019 - Achievement and National Expansion

Achievement and National Expansion


PT awarded as most valuable partner by several analytical equipment manufacturing giants PIESPL expanded across various major states of INDIA

Automation in Environmental Monitoring


PT developed a rare product for STP operation RPOM (Remote Pilot Operation Module)
2016 - Foundation



Establishment of company with the sole proprietorship, with the aim of providing specialized water treatment solutions and relative performance improving technologies
2017-18 - Product & Services Expansion

Product and Services Expansion


The Company transformed into Pvt Ltd entity & gained a forte into the Segment for Pollution Monitoring Equipment's, Energy auditing and automation solutions

New Product Launch


PT, introduced new Segments of Noise and Surface water Pollution Monitoring system. PT developed several research programs, has invested in many individuals, published research studies on international journals. Today we are a dynamic team of 50+ employees

What Sets Us Apart

PT stands out by delivering solutions that meet global standards through field analysis instruments and process automation. We prioritize excellence, innovation, precision, and reliability. Our Vision 2020+ strategy empowers each field segment with entrepreneurial freedom while maintaining a strong brand presence. We continuously develop new products and integrate existing ones to meet future requirements. Our expertise ensures successful outcomes, focusing on value rather than cost.