Half-Yearly EC Compliance

Understanding and adhering to environmental regulations is crucial for businesses and projects to operate responsibly and legally. The Half-Yearly Environmental Clearance (EC) Compliance Report is a mandatory requirement under the MoEF EIA Notification of 2006 and its subsequent amendments. It ensures that projects meet regulatory standards and demonstrate environmental responsibility. Failure to comply can result in severe consequences, including penalties and legal action. As your compliance partner, we offer comprehensive services to help you meet these regulatory requirements effectively.

The Half-Yearly EC Compliance Report is submitted biannually, in June and December, to regulatory authorities. It serves multiple purposes, including managing and monitoring schedules, generating regular compliance reports, and analyzing environmental laws’ impact on businesses. Our services include site visits, coordination with consultants, documentation preparation, environmental monitoring, analysis, and reporting.

Scope of Work

Site Visit and Viability Assessment:

We will conduct a site visit to assess the project’s viability in accordance with environmental concerns.

Coordination and Information Gathering:

We will liaise with architects and other consultants to gather all necessary information pertaining to the project.

Documentation Preparation:

Our team will compile all required documents, data sheets, and prepare six-monthly reports as per regulations.

Environmental Monitoring and Analysis:

We will carry out air, water, noise, and soil monitoring and analysis using laboratories approved by the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEF).


Six-monthly reports will be submitted to the Department of Environment, Regional Office of MoEF, and Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB) as per the regulatory requirements.

Documents Required for Half-Yearly EC Compliance Report

  • Consent to Establish/Operate from the State Pollution Control Board
  • Approval for structural safety and lightning protection
  • National Board for Wildlife clearance
  • Water usage and conservation plans
  • Solid Waste Management Rules compliance
  • Sewage treatment plans
  • Energy compliance fulfillment
  • Air quality and noise control mechanisms
  • Soil degradation prevention plans
  • Environmental management plan


EC compliance reports are submitted biannually, by June 1 and December 1.

A certified compliance report is valid for one year.

The validity of an Environmental Clearance (EC) depends on the project type, with a maximum validity of 30 years.

EC compliance refers to meeting environmental laws, regulations, and standards applicable to a company’s products or projects.

Environmental clearance certificates are obtained through screening, scoping, impact analysis, and mitigation, followed by review and implementation.

Environmental Clearance is required for projects specified in the EIA Notification, 2006, which have the potential to cause environmental pollution.

Why Choose Us?


Proven Industry Expertise

We have a strong network across Maharashtra and other states, ensuring efficient compliance services.


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Our end-to-end support covers all environmental compliance requirements, saving you time and effort.


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Our experts stay updated with evolving regulations to ensure continuous compliance.


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We promote environmentally responsible practices, contributing to a greener future.