Ground Water Level Monitoring System

Product Description

Name Hydrostatic Level Sensor
Model LPZO100
Sensor Supply 14 to 36VDC.
Output 4-20mA / 4-20mA HART / RS 485
Load 250 Ohm @14V to 1100 Ohm @ 36V
Pressure Range B1: 0…1mH2O B2: 0…2mH2O B3: 0…3mH2O B4: 0…4mH2O B5. 0…5mH2O B6: 0…6mH2O B7: 0…7mH2O B8: 0…8mH2O B9: 0…9mH2O B10: 0…10mH2O B11: 0…11mH2O B12: 0…12mH2O B13: 0…13mH2O B14: 0…14mH2O B15: 0…15mH2O B20: 0…20mH2O B25: 0…25mH2O
Accuracy ± 0.25% (standard) ± 0.5% minimum % of Full Scale
Long-Term Stability < ± 0.5% of Full Scale per Year
Response Time < 2 mili seconds
Temperature 1. Storage -40°C to +100°C 2. Usable 0°C to +80°C 3. Compensated 0°C to +50°C
Sense Diaphragm Materia SS316 / SS316L
Cable Insulation Polycarbonate/PolyurethaneL
Submersible Protection Glass IP68
Protection Head 1. Material Aluminum Pressure Die-Cast 2. Paint Epoxy Polyurethane Coated 3. Protection Class IP-68 4. Process Threaded: NPT/BSP 1” to 2” Connection Flanged: ANSI/JIS/DIN/ASA

The IOT based groundwater level monitoring sensor measures the water level which is connected to the server for data acquisition and real time data access on data management software. It meets the compliance and helps to generate the required reports.

The human error free system and the reliable software is preferred solution for the issued guidelines

The Hydrostatic level sensor is a submersible sensor made up of SS316L, having key feature to measure the level of liquid.

The sensor is made of aluminum pressure die-cast, coated with epoxy polyurethane which have protection class of IP68. It possess the ability to convert the signals into RS485 output and transmits the data on data logger for real-time data access.

The sensor is reliable and transmits the accurate data. Installation of the sensor at specific depth measures exceedance and falling of the water level

The hydrostatic level sensor can be used to measure the ground water level, level in water tanks, wells, tube wells and bore wells. It is the most preferred solution to access the hydrostatic data.

System Features

  • Measures the water level
  • Human-hassle free system
  • Real-time data access
  • Easy Installation in tank, bore wells and tube wells
  • Generation of hydrostatic reports according to the compliance

Software Features

  • Real-time data access on smart devices
  • Enabled with site details respectively to sensor position for tracking multiple locations on one dashboard
  • Push notifications on alarming fluctuation according to the threshold set by user easily
  • Access to historical data for smart report generation

Visualization of Data

Ecolyser is the real-time data management software which can be handled simply. The sensors are connected to the server for data acquisition can be accessed on Ecolyser. The cloud based storage system provides the access to the historical data for information and analysis. Reports can be generated according to the compliance and for O&M of the system. It keeps the user notified by sending notifications whenever changes occur in monitoring.


Our system measures various water quality parameters, including pH, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, conductivity, and temperature, providing comprehensive insights into the health of surface water bodies.

The Surface Water Online Monitoring System provides real-time data on water quality, enabling early detection of pollution events and timely intervention to protect water resources. Users can set customizable alarms to alert them to sudden changes or exceedances in water quality parameters, allowing for prompt action to address potential pollution events.

Yes, our system features a user-friendly interface and supports remote access capabilities, making it easy for users to monitor water quality data from any location with internet connectivity. Comprehensive data logging features also facilitate the storage and analysis of historical water quality data for trend analysis and long-term monitoring.