Ecolyser Stem server V.2.0 has simplified the effluent monitoring techniques for Industries and Common Effluent Treatment Plant (CETP). With its upgraded features, industry key persons and CETP admins are now able to remotely operate STEM valve functions with easy communication and transparency. New features of Ecolyser are compliant with the guidelines of the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) and Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB).

Know About Ecolyser

Ecolyser is a real-time direct data transfer, monitoring, reporting, and analytical system which helps you to monitor the releasing effluent and emissions from various sectors and helps you to contribute to a cleaner and greener environment. It is compliant with the requirements of remote calibration and works according to the monitoring guidelines laid down by CPCB and MPCB.

What’s New In Ecolyser – Stem Server V.2.0?

1. Features For Industry Account
  • Real-time alerts
    Ecolyser generates real-time alerts on parameter exceedance, remote utility operation, etc. that are viewable and downloadable in the formats such as CSV, Excel, and PDF.
  • Email alerts
    Industries receive alerts on email for any action taken by CETP admin for remote utility operation or on any pending requests.
  • User Interface
    Industries are allowed to edit information in their profile. The changes will reflect once the CETP admin approves the request. Similarly, industries can reset password of Ecolyser account themselves by navigating through the reset password link sent via email to them.
  • Access to Historical data
    Historical data of parametric ranges are acquired in CSV, Excel, and PDF format and can be viewed easily on the dashboard by the industries.
  • Reliable operation logs
    The valve logs can be checked for the particular period and can be exported in CSV, Excel, and PDF format. Ecolyser gives the benefit for industries to check the stated reason or description of remote utility operation. If any parameter range exceeds, the CETP admin has the right to give the signal to turn the valve OFF of the industry, which can also be viewed through logs.
2. Features For CETP Admin Account
  • Monitoring dashboard
    All industries can be viewed at a time on a monitoring dashboard consisting of parametric ranges, parameter status, alarm, valve status, etc. It helps CETP admin to have a check on different industries in a single view.
  • Remote utility control for industries
    Remote utility operation can be carried out by CETP admins easily for the particular industry on a single button click by stating its purpose in Ecolyser.
  • Cluster Panel
    A cluster can be created by CETP admins where industries can be added to a new or existing cluster. The clusters can be made based on the industry plot or type of industry.
  • Remote utility control scheduler
    For a specific cluster, the CETP admin can schedule a day, time, and action of valve i.e. valve ON or OFF accordingly in the scheduler. Further, the valves will operate according to the schedule set for industries.
  • Advanced analytics features
    The trends of the parameters can be checked through the trending graphs. Similarly, the acquired data can be used for analysis as well as O&M.
  • View all Industries
    To get a simple overlook on the Industrial list, it can be viewed by sorting according to the industry category, industry scale, industry plot, etc. depending on the preference.
  • Email alerts & signals
    The respective Industries receive alerts and signals via email after the successful remote utility control by CETP admin. Similarly, the industry will receive an email alert for the approval or decline of requests from the CETP admin.
  • Under maintenance mode
    On the request by a particular industry, the CETP admin can enable the under maintenance mode. Hence, the display status of ‘Site is under maintenance’ is displayed on the dashboard of that industry.
  • Industry operation logs
    CETP admins can view the operation logs of a particular industry. Logs of parameter exceedance, remote utility operation, and logs of flow rate are viewable after sending off signals to industries.

3. Additional CETP Admin Account Features (As Per CPCB Guidelines)

According to the CPCB guidelines, CETP Admins possess the rights to utilize the following features:
  • Automatic OFF signal for remote utility control on parameter exceedance of any industry.
  • Automatic OFF signal for remote utility control on delay from industries.

Real-Time Data Transmission Process

Benefits Of Opting For Ecolyser

  • Ecolyser is easy to understand and operate.
  • Holds clear communication and transparency between CETP and Industries.
  • Remote operation access to the system.
  • Easy data analysis for operation and maintenance.
  • Export functionality for reports.