Implementing OPM series analysers for effluent quality monitoring before and after phytoremediation method of treatment at IIT Delhi campus.

The study helps you to understand the performance of IoT-based instruments in effluent monitoring. Practicing the use of such instruments in various water matrices analyses the critical aspects effortlessly. The installed OCEMS system consists of OPM series 300 Analyser with Controller, OPM pH sensor, OPM 300 accessories, and Remote Diagnostics unit. After the successful installation of the monitoring system by PTESPL, the demonstration was conducted by IIT Delhi for their ongoing research project “Water Security and Sustainable Development.” In this research, the real-time monitored data of OCEMS from the Ecolyser software dashboard was referred to compare with the grabbed samples which were tested in the laboratory. The values from the laboratory reports and the real-time readings of OCEMS matched reasonably, and it was validated by the IIT Delhi team. The real-time effluent monitoring system of PTESPL proved its accuracy through the conducted demonstration. Emeritus Professor, Sir A. K. Gosain from IIT Delhi honored with the Letter of Appreciation by addressing the PTESPL Team for the successful installation of the system and services provided to them. It is one of the great achievements for PTESPL to cherish. PTESPL's team members from Delhi who worked efficiently to complete this project were Mr. Mohit Negi and Mr. Rohit kumar.

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